Dental Fantasy is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

We were the first private clinic in pediatric dentistry and we have treated more than 30,000 young patients. We were the first, and we are still the leader in Russian pediatric dentistry. We take great pride when you entrust your children’s health to us.

Our clinics. We do everything in our power to make our young guests feel at ease. Dental Fantasy has spacious play areas, beautiful interiors, books and toys, and of course, consulting rooms equipped to the latest standards.

Our doctors. We are proud of our professional team of responsible, competent professionals who have the utmost respect for their patients. Doctors, dentists, and nurses — all work together for one purpose: to provide medical services of the highest quality. Now you don’t have to go abroad to find top quality dental treatment.

How do we treat children? For the last 10 years, we have accumulated considerable experience, and we never stop learning. We now offer nothing but the best in pediatric dentistry: state-of-the-art equipment and advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment.

The children’s comfort is our priority. The doctors of Dental Fantasy are specialists in preparing the children for treatment. We use only safe local anesthesia, sometimes in combination with sedation. We were the first private dentistry in Russia to introduce safe treatment of children in their sleep — under anesthetic, guaranteeing painless and comfortable treatment.

We are confident in the quality of our work, and we offer a 100% guarantee: all sealants placed on temporary teeth will serve to the second dentition.

A crucial part of our work is to teach you to care for your teeth and your health. When a child visits a dentist regularly and willingly, cares properly for their teeth, and undergoes professional cleaning, I see that we are one-step closer to preventive medicine. It is my heartfelt wish that all our little patients gain respect for themselves and look after their health.

Vladimir Alexandrovskiy
General Director of Dental Fantasy Clinic

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